Seasonal map: Season 4 Rules & Information


May 31, 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark
Players new and old should familiarize themselves with this post. As always, ignorance is not an excuse!

Seasonal Map

Getting Around

The eight directional teleports are going to be the main way you get around the map. When you go through each of these teleports, you can find a Nether portal in the basement of each teleport tower. Entering these portals will deposit you in a pre-built Nether station. These are essentially blank canvases for you and any other player that might be using the station for transport. While you can’t edit the stations, you’re encouraged to put your own decorative spin on them, so it reflects the area or the players inhabiting it. Get together with the players you’re sharing the station with and spruce it up!


Please do not claim land that you have no plan to use in the near future. You can claim land but you must be actively building on it. Within reason you can build anything you like at your base, just be respectful of other players and understand that if something you’ve built is determined to be causing a problem you will likely be asked to fix it or remove it. Terraforming the land to achieve your desired "look" within the main build area is OK. Other than that, keep large-scale harvesting to the Mining World.

When claiming land, be aware of those around you. Players can have some massive plans and it’s better to check first than to start building and end up having to remove it.

Remember to mark your build clearly with a sign and your name.

Spawn - Hangouts Land


Spawned from the mind of Claudia (Likliksnek) and built into realization by her and her minions, Spawn island has a Theme Park theme this season. The main attraction is the Castle, which offers all the functions the player might need. It houses things such as the XP shower, the mail room, and enchanting facilities, many things that players find themselves coming back to Spawn for.

Separate from Castle Island, you’ll find the main building area. Here you can find the directional teleports, the Nether portal, and The Mall.

Around Spawn you'll find lecturns that explain how certain things work, or simply offer more context about the surroundings.


We ask that if you choose to build in the Spawn area, that you keep builds within reason. You are not required to adhere to the Theme Park theme, but as always, we encourage you to keep the surroundings in mind. Spawn is not the place for your extravagant castle, your enormous ship, or your neverending tower. Spawn is meant for functions and services, a place you can build a shop to offer wares or have a small house that serves as a go-between, or for this season a themepark attraction to add some extra fun!

If you are committing to build on the spawn island, please be sure to complete your build. The area is meant to be cohesive, and anything that is started should be completed in a timely fashion. Any unfinished builds can be removed without warning.

If you run a shop for a period of time and find yourself unable or uninterested in stocking it further, please consider closing it down or maybe offering it to another player. Space is limited, and this will give other players the opportunity to fill any gaps in the market.

  • Do not needlessly destroy the landscape
  • Avoid large amounts of entities (animals, mobs, item frames, minecarts, chests etc.) The spawn area is always loaded in the game memory. Too many entities will have a detrimental affect on everyone’s experience.
The Mall


The mall is located within the mountain at the southernmost point of Spawn Island. It is built into the mountain that houses the rollercoaster—aptly named “The Mountain.” This area was created to offer an option for players who are uninterested in building their own shop, or would like a quick and simple alternative. Shop fronts can be changed to suit any theme you might wish to display.


Small market stalls have also been provided for those interested in making a quick sale. These are not meant to be used permanently. If you are planning to sell a specific item continuously, then choose a shop front or build your own on the island.

Remember to mark your shops clearly with a sign and your name.

The Classifieds:
If you are looking for something not sold in any of the shops, or have a special item or service to offer, post those as little ads on the classifieds board. This board is located on the lower ground of the mall, across from the netherportal. If your offer or request is no longer valid, remove your ad.
This is not meant as shop advertisement, just more or less one time deals.



This season’s teleports are located at the center of Spawn island. A tower will lead you down to the eight directional teleports. Like the previous season, these will take you a distance from Spawn where you can claim an area and build your next great masterpiece!

Rides and Minigames


This season’s theme is Theme Parks, and in keeping with that theme, players are encouraged to try their hand at a ride of their own. Rides should be kept to reasonable size in that they do not compete with The Mountain or The Castle.

  • If you wish to build a large scale ride, please ask the staff before hand. Make a post in "Ask the Staff".

You may build on all the land highlighted in the picture above. Please do not build on the Mountain or the Castle Island.

Many rides will likely contain redstone. Redstone should only run when the ride is in use.


Small examples are on display, like the Llama-Go-Go. Get creative and give it a shot! Small food stands and gambling games are also encouraged. Anything you know and love from a theme park!

As stated previously, this theme is not enforced, but simply here to off a guide or provide inspiration!


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May 31, 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

If you wish to build as part of the themes at spawn, apart from the general "Amusement Park" theme, three sub-themes are available.

The Pirate Enclave (Blue)
"Yarr! Welcome to the Carribean, where pirates roam the seas and you are nobody without a parrot"
Suggested building materials: Wood, planks, leaves.

The Witch Swamp (Orange)
"Can you hear the faint cackle? There is something evil lurking in this swamp..."
Suggested building materials: Dark wood, cobblestone, cracked brick and brick, nether brick.

Ancient Greece (Green)
"Time to put your toga on and think deep thoughts. Sculptures, water wheels, light houses and all the gods you could want"

Suggested building materials: Sandstone, terracotta, granite and brick.


End Portal

The end portal is located next to the Castle in the dark tower. Access to this convenient End Portal can—as always—be opened by slaying the first dragon! Once this had been achieved, this tower will be opened and players will have unfettered access to The End.


General Don'ts
  • DON’T: Grief, change or break anything you’ve not built yourself.
  • DON’T: Take anything from any chests or storage unless specifically told it’s OK to do so.
  • DON’T: Build too close to others on the building worlds – give people space, they are big maps.
  • DON'T: Engage in PVP unless previously agreed upon by all parties. This includes any player traps.
  • DON’T: Build your base or any redstone/entity heavy build in any of the spawn areas.
  • DON'T: Mine in the main world, even under your base.


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