The Maps


May 31, 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Worlds

The Hub

The first time you log onto the server, you’ll arrive at The Hub. It’s exactly what its name implies, a hub that allows you to access every world on the server.

The only worlds that share inventory are Mining and Main, so feel free to bounce around and play however you like. We’re using this setup to better accommodate the many play styles we have on Hangout. Chat is shared through all the worlds, so you can participate in the conversation wherever you are!


Permanent Vanilla world. No extra goodies. For the Minecraft Purist. This world will not be reset and the map is not limited. This world also has its own inventory.

Seasonal map

Most people’s bread and butter. The Vanilla experience with some extra amenities. Including things like no creeper damage, one player sleep, and the XP shower. This map will be reset approximately once a year, which is what we describe as a season. Resets occur to counter player burnout and often coincide with large updates to the game.

The Seasonal mining map is available from the map spawn, and shares inventory with the seasonal map. This is where you gather the resources you intend to use on the Seasonal map. It will be reset monthly and four main portals will take you 10,000 blocks North, South, East, and West from the map’s centre.

The Permanent Map

A permanent map with a few perks; Graves, XP shower, personal teleports. The map is never reset, but expanded when Minecraft updates. The permanent map has its own mining world, which is also never reset.
This map is aimed toward the casual vanilla experience.

Creative World

This is a flat world you can go to test anything. It’s in Creative mode and also has its own inventory.
Build School classes are also held here. Claim your area and test away!
  • Do not spam around any spawn eggs.

Main Server Address

Current Game Version
Minecraft 1.16.4
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