Mods, Data Packs, and Crafting Tweaks currently used on HangOuts

Unless other wise noted these are on both Seasonal and Permanent Worlds.

Grave Mod

Allows players to craft a token that when carried in inventory, created a grave when the player dies.

- When you respawn after dying, you get a compass that points the way to your grave.

- If you are in a cave, your grave will be created there (grave mod we used to use always made graves on the surface).

- Graves can either be broken or opened like a chest.

- Once the contents have been removed the grave and the compass disappear.


- Seasonal - 1 Iron Ingot and 8 Coal (this will be changed to something more expensive later in the season)

- Permanent - 1 Lapiz Block and 8 Iron Ingots 

Vanilla Tweaks Data Packs


  • Armor stands (not currently on seasonal) - Must have armor stand book to use.
  • Co-ords HUD - (type /Coords into chat) Give you coords, biome, and slime chunk (true or false) info in heads-up
  • Workstation highlight - Villagers get green sparkles to indicate they have chosen the workstation


  • Player Head Drops – PVP kills drop player heads


  • Dragon Drops Elytra
  • More Mob Heads - Mods will drop heads (some are rarer than others)
  • Double Shulker Shells (Seasonal Only) - Shulkers will always drop even shells


  • Wandering Trader Trades - Mini blocks

Crafting Tweaks

Quality of life

  • Back to blocks - CRaft stairs and slabs back into blocks 
  • Dropper to Dispenser - Craft dispensers by doing the bow recipe with a dropper in the center.
  • Rotten flesh to Leather - Smelt it to get leather.
  • Sandstone Dying - Dye normal sand with red dye to get red sand.
  • Universal Dying - Dye and re-dye glass, glass panes, and unglazed terracotta. This also includes wool, but it is 1 dye per 1 wool.
  • Shapeless crafting (shulkers, paper, bread)

More Blocks

  • 12 trapdoors instead of 2
  • 4 Bark not 3
  • 8 stairs not 4
  • 4 brick not 1


  • Craft Horse armour - Leather only
  • Craft Coral (3x3) - Using coral fans, etc. This makes coral farmable.
  • Bundles (2 string and 6 leather) - Hold 64 items that do not need to be the same item. So can hold up to 64 different single items.


  • Unpack all varieties of Ice (and pack them)
  • Unpack nether wart blocks
  • Unpack wool into string
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    Feb 3, 2022
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