General Information

Server address:

Current game version: 1.20.4

The Server

The Hangout server currently has 3 worlds with a connecting Hub world to accommodate a wide range of players. The Seasonal world resets about once a year, offering a new map and new experience. The set-up and rules of this world may change from season to season. Permanent offers similar perks to Seasonal, but is never reset. Vanilla is for the Minecraft purist, and is also never reset. The Hub connects all the other worlds, and is the home of the Hangout Museum. More detailed descriptions of the worlds can be found on the Worlds page.

The Forums

The Forums are one of the main ways members interact and where staff posts announcements, so be sure and click the “watch” buttons.


Hangout also has an active Discord Server. Just put a request in the Help & Support forum to be added to our Discord member channels. Some of our Discord channels are:

  • members - General member discussions. Staff will post links to important forum posts here.
  • n-s-f-families - Some people come to Hangout to get away from things like politics and covid. So it goes here instead.
  • memes - No explanation needed.
  • cook-off - Place to post pics of your latest culinary masterpiece.
  • technical-help - Place to find Minimap links, OptiFine, etc.

Members are encouraged to jump onto a voice channel when on the server. Voice channels are also used for Hangout events.

Here is who is on Discord right now:


Streaming from Hangout is allowed, as long as the chat is disabled while you do so. You can have a secondary account on the server, which is an easy way to be able to still chat with people while streaming.

We encourage sharing your Twitch/Mixer name, so we can all follow along in your adventures!

Secondary Accounts

Secondary accounts are allowed on the server, simply make a post in “Ask the staff”. Secondary accounts will, as all other accounts, be in survival mode.


We do use some mods, data Packs and crafting tweaks on the Permanent and Seasonal worlds. See the Extras page for a detailed list.

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    Jan 30, 2022
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