The Rules

Players are expected to respect each other and the worlds we play in. We don’t use mods to prevent theft or griefing and we don’t have a ton of rules. Use common sense and respect, ask questions if you are not sure.

Universal Don'ts (apply to all worlds)

  • DON’T: Grief, change or break anything you’ve not built yourself.
  • DON’T: Take anything from any chests or storage unless specifically told it’s OK to do so.
  • DON’T: Build too close to others – give people space. The exception to this are community build areas such as spawn, shopping districts or other community builds.
  • DON'T: Engage in PVP unless previously agreed upon by all parties. This includes any player traps.
  • DON’T: Build your base or any redstone/entity heavy build within ?? blocks of spawn. The area right around spawn is always loaded, so these can cause server-wide lag.
  • DON'T: Mine on permanent map, even under your base.

Mining Rules

Mining rules vary from world to world.

  • Permanent - No mining is allowed, even under your own base. There is a dedicated mining world with a shared inventory.
  • Seasonal - Mining is allowed under your own base. Rules for Seasonal may change from season to season, so be sure and know what the latest ones are.
  • Vanilla - There are no mining restrictions, but you are expected to show respect and not create an eyesore by another player’s base.

Player Tracker

To stay whitelisted we ask you to post on a monthly thread on the forum called the Player Tracker. Failing to do so 3 times in a row will get you de-whitelisted and you will have to ask a staff member to whitelist you again. This is used to weed out unused accounts, in order to keep our server safe, so be sure and “watch” this forum and please take that minute per month to post there.

Sign Your Builds

We ask that you place a sign near the front of your builds, farms, mines etc displaying your game name, even if they are in progress. On worlds that have Dynmap (Permanent and Seasonal) all builds should be marked with a Dynmap sign. Instructions can be found here.

At spawn there is a map of the spawn valley, including the shopping district. Stores (and other builds) can be marked with banners so that they show up on these maps.

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    Jan 30, 2022
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