The Worlds

The Worlds

In order to have a place for a wide variety of players, Hangout MC currently has 3 different worlds with a small hub world that connects them. Many of our members have bases on more than one world, as each world offers a different MineCraft Experience.

The Hub

Every time you log onto the server, you’ll arrive at The Hub (this is a security feature). It’s exactly what its name implies, a hub that allows you to access every world on the server. When you go through a portal to a world, you will end up at the spot you were at when you logged off.

The Hub is also the home of the Hangout Art Museum.


(launched on June 2019)

Permanent Vanilla world is on hard. No extra goodies other than 1 player sleep being turned on. For the Minecraft Purist. This world will not be reset and the world border at 30,000 blocks out just to prevent file size of world from getting too big. This world has its own inventory.

Spawn area functions as a shopping district for the world


  • World border at 30,000 (only to keep the file size manageable)
  • Terrain not generated until visited by player
  • One player sleep enabled
  • Updated to new MC versions along with other worlds.


(launched on 4 October 2020)

Permanent is another map that never resets, but has perks that you don’t find in Vanilla. It is on normal mode and has some added features that make it a good home for the more casual player.

A big feature of Permanent are the Personal Teleports. Once you have built a house or shop at spawn and know the coordinates for your main base, a Staff member can set up a teleport between them.

Permanent is updated to new Minecraft versions along with other worlds and the world border may be expanded if the update involves new world generation.

All builds should be marked with a Dynmap sign. Instructions can be found here


  • Current world border at 6000
  • Terrain pre-generated
  • Dynmap
  • Normal Mode
  • XP Shower at spawn
  • Personal Teleports from spawn house to main base.
  • One person sleep on
  • Grave Tokens (current recipe 1 Lapiz Block and 8 iron ingots)
  • Vanilla Tweaks. Details here


Spawn is a mix of houses and shops and currently acts as the shopping district for Permanent. There are maps of the area and players with shops are encouraged to have a banner that marks their shop on the map.

Spawn Amenities:

  • Enchanting
  • End Portal
  • XP Shower
  • Mining World Portal
  • Hub Portal
  • Directional Teleports
  • Mini-Game Island Teleport

Mining World

Mining is not allowed on Permanent. Any resources you get digging out for your base are fine, but no dedicated mines, even under your base. The permanent map has its own mining world and there is a shared inventory between permanent and it’s mining world. The mining world is also never reset, which allows players to set up permanent farms there. Areas without farms may be reset to get new biome generation.

Mini-Game Island

The Mini-Game island is a place where community events can take place. Currently a Texas Hold-em poker game is the only game on the island, but players are welcome (even encouraged) to build games on or under the Mini-Game Island. The games must be free to play and preferably multiplayer.

Don’t let not having the resources keep you from building. Just outside the lobby are chests and shulker boxes with materials that can be used in builds on the island. And if the materials you need are not there, just ask a staff member and we will help get them.

The teleport to the Mini-Game Island is just up the hill from the directional teleports. The lobby has numerous beds and chests to set your spawn point and leave your items if needed for a game. There is also a teleport to an underground lobby.


(Season 7 launched on 22 July 2022)

Season 7 may run for more than one year. The world was not pre-generated, so we have the option of updating to next version without starting a new world or increasing the world border.

All builds should be marekd with a Dynmap sign. Instructions can be found here


  • Current World Border at 5000 blocks 
  • Terrain generated as explored
  • Dynmap shows world that has been explored
  • Hard Mode
  • One person sleep on
  • Grave Tokens - To give people the option of whether they want a grave or not we use grave tokens.
  • Vanilla Tweaks here


Spawn amenities:

  • Mail Boxes
  • Enchanting
  • Bedrooms
  • Basic Rules
  • Nether Portal
  • Portal to Hub
  • Portal to Seasonal Mining World

This season is back to basics with no directional TPs and no train system in the nether (there is a safe room).

All builds should be marked on Dynmap and include who they belong to.

Mining World

Mining is still allowed under your own base, but all other mining should be done in the mining world. There is a shared inventory between Seasonal and it’s mining world. TP's to different biomes will be added as those biomes are discovered by players. There are currently no plans to reset the minig world, but this is a possibility.

Shopping District

The shopping district will be in the area of the two villages that are just west of spawn.

Because of a lack of deserts on the main seasonal world, there is a camel breeding station in the shopping district. Breed the camels and lead the babiy out the gate before it grown up.

All shops should be marked on the Dynmap and should have a sign saying who the owner is so people know who to contact when stock is low.

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