Welcome fellow blockheads!

So you are here looking for an adult minecraft server with a great community to hang out with after a long day at work or in that one hour the baby finally sleeps? You are at least 25 years old? You would never steal from or grief another player's builds? You respect others and can keep it civil in chat? Read on!

What are we about?

HangoutMC is an adult Minecraft server based on trust and helping each other out, hanging out alone in a deep mine or go on an adventure together. Our small community consists of people all over the world, we are aged from twenties to seventies, being old foxes and curious newbies, redstoners, detail monsters, casuals, nerds, parents and pizza eaters! We do not need any fancy addon to prevent theft or griefing, we have our common sense and dignity for that. And we are looking for likeminded players like you!

How do we work?

Our playground consists of several seperated worlds that are connected via a small portalhub.

Server facts

  • Whitelisted members only! Please apply on our forum.
  • The server is located in Europe and runs 24/7.
  • Running on Minecraft 1.20.4
  • Using the least amount of plugins/mods as we can, so we can be quick to update to new releases (once they stop being wonky)!
  • No PvP unless agreed on by all participants.