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Now I'm not sure if we've had this discussion in the past but....... I started to think back to the first ever video game I ever played. As my memory went back to playing Pong somewhere in Germany when I was 3-4 years old, I decided to try and recall the 1st PC game I ever played. Had to "phone a Friend (brother)" who reminded me of this one back in 1984 when we bought our first computer (Commodore64) and sat all day eating Cheetos while drinking TAB.
Global Thermonuclear Destruction was NOT going to happen.

Let the games (or memories) begin...... What was the 1st PC Game you played and what drew you in?

Pong 1976 on an Atari box thing ( I had just motorcycled over 1000km and needed to lie down!), on a desktop it would be MUDs on an Apple II, I think, around 1979 ( not really a graphical game, but they were the precursors of everything else that involved strategy at least.

My oldest graphical favourite was "Elite" on the BBC B computer in 1984-ish, I was meant to be word proc a dissertation for a post grad thing I had suddenly decided to do, years after leaving Uni. Elite was and still is a very deep, humorous and rich adventure, trading, exploration space game with arcade elements. Love it. And it's wire frame graphics 8)

My first gaming experience was on the Amiga 600 as a kid. The first series I put a lot of time into would've been the Dizzy puzzle adventure games, but I couldn't tell you which one I played first!


but the first game I lost entire days to was SimCity 2000, without doubt. It's a title that I still come back to from time to time, despite the fact it's nearly 30 years old.

Sim City how could I forget, played that since version 1! In fact I dont like any versions after Sim City 2000 8)

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