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Cosmic recently brought up the idea of doing a fundraiser for the Anthony Nolan charity:

Avril and I think this is a great idea and have started figuring out what to do. Have already set up a fundraising page:

We are thinking of doing a live stream from the new gaming world that we have been working on. We have talked about allowing people to bring guests when we have events on the gaming world, such as our kids. This would allow more people to participate.

Promoting the event is the area where everyone can help! We will set a date far enough out to give us time to do this.

Please share your ideas!
The Fundraising livestream is going to be on Saturday, October 28th, 3-7pm BST!

Anthony Nolan is a charity in the UK that helps people with blood cancers by matching them up with stem cell donors. You can learn more about them at

The fundraising page is up: JustGiving. Please consider making a donation and help us spread the word so we can raise some money for a great charity!

The event will be on our games server, which will allow us to invite people who are not members of HangOutMC, such as our kids.2023-09-26_21.21.46.png
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