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Hello HangoutMC,

As the world has come out of the pandemic we have seen fewer active players on the server. This has meant that donations to the server have also been gradually going down. We are looking into our options for decreasing costs, hopefully without losing any features of the server.

One thing we want to do is make you aware of how PayPal fees work. Because of the way the fees are structured, a much higher percentage is taken out of smaller donations:
$5 donation = $0.74 in fees
$10 donation = $0.84 in fees
$20 donation = $1.37 in fees
So donating a larger amount less often would mean more of your donation goes to HangoutMC.

PayPal fees are also less if money is sent directly to the Hangout PayPal account rather than through the donations on the forum. Then HangoutMC PayPal account is under:

Another way we can cut costs is by reducing the size of the world files. Permanent has always been a pre-generated world and we have always increased the world border to get new terrain generation. But this means it has a huge world file. If we delete unused chunks, this will reduce the size of the world file. As people explore these chucks, they will be regenerated as updated terrain, allowing us to get new features without having to increase the world border which greatly increases the size of the world.

This is why we are asking everyone to make sure their builds on Permanent are labeled with dynmap signs.

We are also looking at making other changes behind the scenes to help reduce costs. This may mean having some periods of time when the server has to be offline as changes are made.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

HangoutMC Staff
Just making sure I understand: it sounds like distance from 0, 0, 0 wouldn't make much difference in reducing server overhead/cost?

As in, if I wanted to help reduce costs and didn't mind losing whatever I've already built, would anything be gained by re-establishing a new home (that would then become part of a "protected" chunk) closer to the center of the map?

Or is a swiss cheese map of protected/unprotected chunks just as cost-effective?
Regarding PayPal, is whatever kind of PayPal account Hangout has allowed to set up a PayPal.Me link (and to receive Donations there)?

I mean, "" is super easy to remember, and it RHYMES. Who wouldn't want to donate to a link that rhymes?

Did not know about this specific feature, so will look into it. Thanks for the idea.

Someone with more technical knowledge will have to address your questions about the map :)
Hello HangoutMC,

Several weeks ago, the staff decided to make some changes to how we run the server in order to reduce costs. My imperfect understanding is that we are now hosting the server ourselves instead of using a hosting service. This has significantly reduced our costs while at the same time giving us more control and capabilities. For example, we are able to bring back a creative world for working out builds.

Setting up this new system took a lot of work, so big thanks to Avril, and Zara and especially Olie, for making it happen!
I also want to thank everyone who donated a little extra to help out as we figured out what to do. We were able to cover the one-time expenses of setting up the new system without having to shut down the server to do so. Our monthly expenses are now about the same as what our donations have been, so we have lowered the monthly donation goal to reflect this.

Please reach out if you have any questions

HangoutMC Staff
Bloody good work guys, the donation goal is so much lower now.

Can I ask which XenForo plan we have? The self-hosted license looks like a great option

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