Rail behavior seems to have changed


Iowa, USA
I've noticed some behavior with rails that seems to be a little different than it used to be, Corners that used to work now trap some of my carts. Also, T intersections don't let me through like they used to; the rail that's curved becomes a stopping point.

Any chance there was a mod on the previous server that we don't have yet on the new server?

(Permanent, if that matters)

Next time you are online, can you grab the co-ords. ive rode all the rails around your base i can find and not found an issue of yet. But then again, I don't know how they should ride, if that makes sense. P.S your base is amazing! reminds me of Riven the sequel to myst.2024-05-30_18.38.23.png2024-05-30_18.39.17.png2024-05-30_18.39.22.png

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