Rules and information for playing on the HangoutMC server.

Rules & Information

Server address:
Current game version: 1.17.1



It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the forum. All important information will be posted here, and any changes to rules or setup are extremely important to know. You can be banned without warning if you do not follow them.

Player Tracker

To stay whitelisted we ask you to post on a monthly thread on the forum called the Player Tracker. Failing to do so 3 times in a row will get you de-whitelisted and you will have to ask a staff member to whitelist you again. This is used to weed out unused accounts, in order to keep our server safe, so please take that minute per month to post there.

Sign your builds

You must place a sign near the front of your builds, farms, mines etc displaying your game name, even if they are in progress.


Streaming from Hangouts is allowed, as long as the chat is disabled while you do so. You can have a secondary account on the server, which is an easy way to be able to still chat with people while streaming.

We encourage sharing your Twitch/Mixer name, so we can all follow along in your adventures!

Secondary accounts

Secondary accounts are allowed on the server, simply make a post in “Ask the staff”. Secondary accounts will as all other accounts, be in survival mode.

General dont’s

  • DON’T: Grief, change or break anything you’ve not built yourself.
  • DON’T: Take anything from any chests or storage unless specifically told it’s OK to do so.
  • DON’T: Build too close to others – give people space.
  • DON'T: Engage in PVP unless previously agreed upon by all parties. This includes any player traps.
  • DON’T: Build your base or any redstone/entity heavy build in any of the spawn areas.
  • DON'T: Mine on permanent map, even under your base.


The Worlds

The Hub

The first time you log onto the server, you’ll arrive at The Hub. It’s exactly what its name implies, a hub that allows you to access every world on the server.


(launched on June 2019)

Permanent Vanilla world is on hard. No extra goodies other than 1 player sleep. For the Minecraft Purist. This world will not be reset and the map is not limited. This world also has its own inventory.


Most people’s cup of tea. The Vanilla experience with some extra amenities, again hard mode. Including things like no creeper damage and one player sleep. The setup of this world may change from season to season, both to keep things fresh and to better fit the play styles of active members. This map will be reset approximately once a year, which is what we describe as a season. Resets occur to counter player burnout and often coincide with large updates to the game (next reset will be for 1.18).


(launched on 4 October 2020)

A permanent map with a few perks; Graves, XP shower, personal teleports. The map is never reset, but expanded when Minecraft updates. The permanent map has its own mining world, which is also never reset. Both of these are on Normal mode.

Once you have a spawn house, ask any Staff member (that's a player with a red coloured name) and they can set up your Personal Teleport.